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Hubs are where our community lives and grows, in our distributed movement. No hub in your local area? Find out how to start your own… 

  1. Check here first, and ask around to see if anyone in your area is planning to do the same. Find out what other hubs are doing. 
  2. Use CDE’s newsletter and social media, as well as your area’s channels, to share a call for others to join you in co-ordinating a hub. 
  3. Plan a series of meetings: if you get three dates in diaries, this will keep up momentum. They could focus on these questions in turn. What do we want to explore and achieve together? How do we make a particular or local contribution to tackling the global emergency? How do we build and sustain this hub?
  4. Some things to consider: How can you relate to your bioregion(s) to be more ecocentric in working in your place? What are the indigenous and local cultures that need to be respected and involved? How can you work with influential or active people and groups in the area? What are the systemic challenges in your area and how can you support a just transition? 
  5. Can you develop joint plans or standards using any of these eight pathways to action?
  6. Get in contact with CDE and share what you’re doing. We’ll help you create your own hub page on our website, like the pages below.

Existing Hubs

group in front of a pop-up fashion store

CDE Kirklees

Huddersfield, Dewsbury, Holmfirth, Marsden, Meltham and everywhere inbetween
crowd holding Culture Declares Emergency banners

CDE South West

From Cornwall across to Wiltshire and up to Gloucestershire

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