Culture Declares Hannover

A movement of artists, cultural workers and institutions from Hannover, in the north of Germany

Culture Declares Hannover was founded in March 2020 as the first and so far only hub in Germany by some members of the art group of the Hannover Extinction Rebellion local group. Our declaration is already supported by over 100 local art and cultural workers and institutions in and around Hannover. These include musicians, actors, festivals, clubs, theatres, radio stations, associations and many more.

From this diverse collective, we develop cross-artform projects and actions, support groups such as Fridays for Future in the cultural programme of their events, and present our approaches to action and information on the climate crisis and species extinction to interested parties. 

Even though we were of course somewhat limited due to the Corona pandemic, we have already realised some projects, for example:

Climate Change Compilation “No Music on a Dead Planet” 

In September 2021, we brought together 25 musicians, bands and ensembles who translated their thoughts and feelings about the climate crisis and species extinction into songs, lending weight to their demand for immediate political action. 

While the consequences of man-made climate change are becoming obvious all over the world with floods and heat waves, and the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts that the critical threshold of 1.5 degrees of global warming will already be exceeded by 2030, many musicians in Hannover were busy composing songs for the sampler “No Music on a Dead Planet” in summer 2021. 

The content of the pieces is as diverse as the styles of the climate compilation album, ranging from pop, rock and soul to classical music and heavy metal.

Listen to it here:

Spotify | Apple Music | Deezer | Tidal | and more

How to join

Hannover hub’s core group. Photo: Finn Andorra

For more information and details email, or if you have ideas for artistic actions on the topic of climate emergency, feel free to contact us Instagram, Facebook or visit our website
Our core group meets weekly in Hannover. We also organise larger meetings on a regular basis to connect artists and cultural practitioners who want to get active for the climate.
We are also happy to send you our newsletter on request.

Facebook @culturedeclareshannover
Instagram @culturedeclareshannover

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