We are a community that is all about taking action after declaring emergency. Get involved, everyone is welcome! Join an event or add your own and share what you’re doing.

We connect in local hubs, in working groups, and around particular interests. We carry out live actions, sometimes supporting national or global climate and nature campaigns. At a more local level, our hubs organise banner drops, pop-ups in empty shops or public meetings. All this runs alongside a regular programme of online events from CDE. Find ways to get more involved. Subscribe to the newsletter. Or add your own events using #culturedeclaresevents.

The Offer

Our regular online events series. Next events: Monday 15th April
Image description: colour photo, interior. Kitt, a white, shaven headed person with a wide crinkly nosed smile, sits amongst vast sheets of pink and mint green paper crumple to form a cave -like structure around them. on the floor is wet, raw terracotta clay in rolling folds

Free Declarer Mentoring

Declarer Lady Kitt is offering monthly online mentoring slots for anyone who would like to chat through the processes of declaring

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