Ways to get more involved

Simple things to do

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  3. Learn more if you’re not sure you’re in the right place
  4. When you’re ready, follow these steps to declare and plan action.
  5. Share what you’re up to and find inspiration from others through our online campaigns

Join a working group

The working groups include Actions & Events, Finance & Fundraising, Declarer Onboarding, Building Alliances, and Communications.

There is a Co-ordinator’s Circle, bringing together a co-ordinator from each of these groups. In addition, there is a Mission Circle, which meets occasionally to evaluate and develop the movement. 

If you would like to join Basecamp and/or your have skills and time you can offer to the CDE working groups please email culturedeclares@gmail.com.

‘CDE working groups have been the backdrop to my working life over the last 2 years. Over that time I have gained (often unexpected), perspectives, knowledge and experience as well as connecting with culturally and ecologically engaged people throughout the world that I have come to hugely value in my life both personally as well as professionally. I highly recommend being active in this network.‘ – Deborah Curtis (House of Fairy Tales) Working Group Coordinator

Join or form a hub

Hubs are where our community lives and grows. Local and regional UK hubs include CDE KirkleesCulture Declares South WestSouth East Coast and East of England. There are also international hubs beyond the UK, such as Culture Declares Australia.
Find a hub near you

If a hub doesn’t exist yet in your area, find out how to set one up.

Actions and events

Develop a campaign or creative action to galvanise more people. This could have a local focus, in which case involve or start a local hub. Or, it could focus on a particular form of culture or environmental issue. It could be rooted in your own creative practice, or broaden out to involve other art forms and ideas. See Inspiration to give you some ideas.

If you’d like to join the Actions & Events Working Group, to be able to develop and support our core activities, please email culturedeclares@gmail.com.

See our guidance on facilitating an assembly, which you could host in your local area, or your sector specialism.

News about upcoming actions and events can be found in our regular newsletters and on our social media.

Join or form a sector declarers group

You could join or form a sector-specific group, such as Business DeclaresMusic Declares EmergencyHeritage DeclaresUK Architects Declare, or Tourism Declares

We convene gatherings of these independently organised groups. If a group doesn’t exist in your sub-sector, you could set one up. For example, we have yet to see Museums Declare or Dance Declares. If you do, join up with us in the ‘movement of movements’, of declarers across and beyond the Cultural sector.

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