Arts & Culture declare a
Climate & Ecological Emergency

We are a growing global community of arts & culture champions declaring a climate & ecological emergency. The crisis compels us to be revolutionaries in our own fields of expertise. It calls for us to imagine new possibilities and to propose systemic change. Let us sow the seeds for creative, individual and collective responses to the emergency.

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I see art and creativity as absolutely central to winning and sustaining people. This is hard work, and people need to be fed as full human beings not just with food, but their spirits need to be fed as well. Art keeps people in movements because it gives us moments of beauty, release and community. Naomi Klein

Why culture?

Culture convenes
Culture gives space to articulate our place and survival in the web of life.

Culture renews and transforms
The arts have a tradition of sparking cultural change and ‘speaking differently’: disrupting the status quo and creating emergent space for new ideas to engage people at an imaginative level.

Culture builds capacities for action
Participation is key too many of today’s cultural and arts practices; building creative skills, lost crafts, and learning through doing and engaging.

Culture lets us learn
Being bold, active players in this great reimagining is why and how culture matters.


Antony Gormley
Akram Khan Company
Tim Webb
Nina Bowers
The Federation of Museums & Art Galleries of Wales
Emma Edmondson
The Other MA (TOMA)
Nicki Higgins
Modern Poetry in Translation
Anita Maritz
Dens & Signals
Hannah Billett
Studio Wayne McGregor
Martin Samson
Shylock University Theatre Centre of Venice, Italy
Will Attenborough
Natalie Quarry
Helen Richmond
Marc Tyler
Lebrusan Studio
Little Toller Books
Dundee Heritage trust
Lucy-Isobel Bonner
Morwenna Lewis
Dave Pritchard
Polly Teale
Ian Rickson
Annabel Arden
Manchester Art Gallery
Sarah Hymas
Melany Rose
English Folk Dance and Song Society
The MAC, Belfast
Stick Up Collective
Fiona Slater
Lucy Carruthers
Giulia Franceschini
Zoe Young
Zoe Shearman
Zoe Lafferty
Yorkshire Life Aquatic C.I.C.
Yoram Symons
Yael Filipovic
XR Rebel Hoopers
Writers' HQ
Writers' Guild of Great Britain
World Saving Hustle
Wild Rumpus
Wet Banana
West Yorkshire Print Workshop
Warwick Arts Centre
Warren Draper
Walter Bailey
Wallace Heim
Vocal Chords
Visual Respiration
Visual Arts South West
Virna Pasquinelli
Victoria Hume
Verity Healey
Trish Niblock
Triple A Productions
Traverse Theatre Company
Tony Whitehead
Tony Wheeler
Toni Spencer
Tom Scott
Tom Henderson Smith
Together Films
Tobacco Factory Theatres
Tina Lawlor Mottram
Tim Arnold
ThreadBear Theatre
Theatrum Mundi
Theatres Trust
Theatre Deli
Theatre Arts Yoga Ayurveda
Theatr Clwyd
The Whitaker Museum
The Turn Club
The Sun Exchange
The School of Life Australia
The Quadrangle
The Place Bedford
The Old Vic
The Network - tackling social exclusion ...
The Nest Collective
The Media Centre
The Longplayer Trust
The Junction (Cambridge)
The House of Fairy Tales
The Green Room
The Druid Network
The Dancing Ram Theatre
The Courtyard Arts Centre
The Climate Save Movement

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