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Welcome on this collective journey of declaration and action in the face of the Climate and Ecological Emergency. There are many resources here to help you craft your declaration statement and consider where your areas of influence may be and what your journey might look like. You can also attend our declarer breakfasts to discuss your declaration and pathways to action.

If you are declaring as an organisation, ensure agreement is in place and that one person is named as liaison. You’ll be able to login and update your details once you’ve declared.

By declaring you support our shared Vision, Mission and Values and will be added as a Declarer on the Culture Declares Emergency (CDE) website. Apart from this, the journey you take is up to you. When announcing your Declaration and beyond, you can use our Culture Declares kitemark on any of your material, and please use @culturedeclares and the hashtag #CultureTakesAction on your social media messages.

Any questions? Read our FAQs or email us at if you need any support.


(you are invited to adapt this declaration to make it meaningful to you and your practice and to add your own context statement)

We declare that the Earth’s life-supporting systems are in collapse, threatening biodiversity and human societies everywhere.

Alive to the beauty of our planet, we unite to challenge the dominant global power structures that fail to protect us as they disregard scientific consensus, silence marginalised voices and perpetuate ecocide.

As Declarers, we take action to harness the power of arts and culture to express heartfelt truths and address deep-rooted injustices, to care for and create adaptive, resilient and joyful communities, and to influence the urgent and necessary transformation of harmful global systems.

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  • If you’ve read our Vision, Mission and Values statement and are happy with your Declaration details, click to complete your Declaration.

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