Hubs are where our community lives and grows, in our distributed movement.

Get involved in our local, regional and international hubs. You could also start a declarers community for a particular area of cultural practice. No local hub? Find out how to start your own.

UK Hubs

group in front of a pop-up fashion store

CDE Kirklees

Huddersfield, Dewsbury, Holmfirth, Marsden, Meltham and everywhere inbetween
crowd holding Culture Declares Emergency banners

CDE South West

From Cornwall across to Wiltshire and up to Gloucestershire

International Hubs

A peson uses their phone to to capture a photo off anothers phone on the streets of New York

CDE New York

A new Culture Declares hub is launching in the New York region for cultural activist individuals & collectives to collaborate and connect to create change
A group of people hold a Culture Declares banner at the CDE Uganda hub launch

CDE Uganda

CDE Uganda: justice seeking, truth telling, care taking, innovating and adapting

Emerging Hubs

illustration of a bird in flight

CDE Hackney

An emerging hub currently active with lots of knowledge sharing activity with hyper-local focus

CDE Scarborough

An emerging community-led hub in Scarborough, North Yorkshire

No local hub? Start your own
Global Declarers community

No local hub?

No local hub in your area?
Follow our steps to start your own.

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