Ready to declare?

Fantastic! We welcome you to our community of declarers.

If you’re ready to declare follow the steps below…

  1. Step one: Why are you declaring?
    Create a pledge statement to describe why you’re declaring and how you’ll take action. You can adapt the movement declaration to suit your practice and area of influence and write your own context statement. This could be very short or very detailed; it’s up to you, but you’ll need a punchy version to share on your profile here and on social media. See our pathways to action for inspiration.
  2. Step two: Complete the Declaration form
    Join our public lists of declarers, as an individual or an organisation. You’ll be able to come back and edit your profile at any time, using the login details created as you declare. Declare now
  3. Step three: Use our kitemark
    Put the CDE kitemark on your websites, emails and print materials. Download the kitemark, CDE font and colour palette.
  4. Step four: Announce your declaration
    Share your pledge statement on your website, in a press release and on social media. Tag us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #CultureTakesAction.
  5. Step five: Ramp up the action
    If not done at step one, make a plan of increased action, and start to carry it out. See suggested pathways to action, to suit your practice, mission or community needs.
  6. Step six: Get more involved with our community
    You could set up a local Culture Declares hub, or join one of our Working Groups. Take part in our actions and events. Or sign up for our newsletter.

What else?

Not ready to declare yet? You can still sign up to get news. Or join us on social media on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Learn about more inspirational organisations and resources.

You could facilitate an assembly of local people or anyone interested in how you can respond to the emergency.

Share your post-declaration actions using the hashtag #CultureTakesAction and fill in this form to be included in our Declarers’ Spotlights on social media.

You can also sign up with other sector declarer movements such as our friends: Music Declares, Architects Declare, Health Declares, Heritage Declares, Business Declares, Tourism Declares, Citizens Declare – and others. If you’ve already signed with one of these, please consider joining our community too.

See our FAQs if you have any questions. And if you would like to discuss further, you can email the National Coordinator at

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Meet the growing movement of people in arts and culture declaring a climate and ecological emergency
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How to get involved if you’re not ready to declare

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