Cultural Gardeners

Australian Cultural Alliance for Climate Action: growing a nation of stewards caring for environment, arts & culture. First Nations first on every Country.

Cultural Gardeners

We are arts and cultural workers deeply concerned with taking action on the converging planetary climate and ecological crises. As you will be aware, humanity faces the combined catastrophes of: climate breakdown, mass extinction of vital biodiversity and the rapid degradation of critical ecosystems. Australia is at the forefront of these crises.

The group meets on the last Tuesday of each month (excepting December).

Alongside net zero targets, shortening supply chains and recycling; we believe that artists and the cultural sector must take a leading role in social transition to mitigate further devastation and adapt to a warming climate. Accelerated action is urgently needed.

We know there are many people already working on this mission and hope that coming together and adopting a unified approach across our diverse cultural landscape is critical to share, learn from each other, break down silos and help protect individuals and organisations in a volatile, sometimes hostile, environment.

We recognise that the Covid-19 pandemic has been extremely difficult for the cultural community and the lack of support from the federal government for many people in the cultural sectors has caused enormous hardship. This is part of what needs to change.

We align to First Nations principles of Caring for Country and the Uluru Statement from the Heart. We align to a Just Transition the framework developed by the trade union movement to encompass a range of social interventions needed to secure workers’ rights and livelihoods when economies are shifting to sustainable modes that combat climate change and protect biodiversity. These principles are outlined in the Paris Agreement and are also embedded in the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We also believe it is vitally important that our approach is uniquely Australian to respect and forefront the great diversity of First Nations people across Australia whose 60,000 years+ of continuous culture honours a unique relationship and responsibility for Country. There are many cultural actors around the world to align with and we believe these allegiances will be stronger if we start by reconciling with our past, following First Nations people’s lead, consolidating relationships and action in our places, on this unceded land.

At the December 2020 meeting, Cultural Gardeners agreed to affiliate with Culture Declares Emergency.

How to join

For more information and details on how to get involved please message us on Twitter or contact Pippa Bailey on The group meets on the last Tuesday of each month (excepting December).


Twitter @CulturGardeners
Cultural Gardeners on Artsfront

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