CDE Birmingham

artwork montage
Five young artists and CDE winners aged 11-13 who took part in Birmingham Museum Trust’s Thinktank Inspire 2021 art project, making artwork based on the theme Nature and the Environment.

Our hub is a space for both individuals and organisations from a multitude of backgrounds who want to come together to explore ways that culture can respond to the climate and ecological emergency.

To want to support the many ways Birmingham’s communities make it a vibrant global Biophilic city. Birmingham is the UK’s only member of the Biophilic (love of nature/life City network.

We would like to help…

  1. As many people and organisations as possible in Birmingham to declare a climate and ecological emergency.
  2.  Individual artists and organisations in the culture sector to explore and develop their practice and programs in response to the crisis.
  3. To amplify Birmingham’s role as the UK’s only Biophilic (love of nature/life) City.
  4. Community organization partners to develop inclusive co-production artist engagement projects.
  5. University partners responding to the climate and ecological emergency to build strong inter-disciplinary artist and community-engaged practice.
  6. Sustainability sector partners to develop work that integrates culture and engages communities.

How to join

CDE Birmingham covers Birmingham and the adjancent metropolitan areas of the West Midlands. For more information and details on how to get involved please contact Jaime Jackson on

Image credits (left to right)
Jahzeyah, Birmingham ‘Mother Nature’ This painting is about a woman who is mother nature and her hair is divided into the earth and the forest. I used real flowers for her shirt and I put crosses in her eyes to show that mother nature is dying.

Daisy, Birmingham ‘Moonlight’ Lonely, sad, wanted, nightsky, environment, friendly, save the environment, needed, friendless, must keep fighting, contribution, helpful, help, hard work, failing, never give up, forever loved, caring, moonlight, nightsky, dying, nature friendly, loving, heartbroken, angry, annoyed, payback

Akshita, Birmingham ‘Nurture the Nature’ We need to protect our planet that mother nature has given us just like mothers protect and nurture their children.

Siyona, Slough ‘Colors are smiles of nature’  Nature brings a smile to our faces and joy to our hearts. Nature is nurturing and always surprises us with beautiful colours. We must preserve it for our future generations.

Desire, Walsall ‘Designed Disaster’ My artwork is a reflection of the beautiful gift nature presents to us and the fatality of our way of life as it affects environmental sustainability

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