CDE India: Indian Museums Against Climate Change

Under our organization – ReReeti Foundation, Bangalore – we have brought together Indian museums to explore the climate emergency, what it means for us and the needed changes.

Indian Museums Against Climate Change logos
Photo credit: CDE India: Indian Museums Against Climate Change

We will help museums and heritage organizations explore climate change through their collections and the histories they tell. We will urge museums to declare the ways in which museums are fighting climate change through practices within the organization’s operations. 

We will collaborate and work with museums and heritage organizations in India and support institutional initiatives. We will arrange capacity-building workshops for museum professionals to train them in methods of fighting climate change

The 8 Indian Museums that will initially be included in this initiative are listed as follows:

Current work:
We are primarily involved in spreading awareness about the intersection of climate and the museum sector and encouraging tangible impact. This is being done, firstly, through our blog posts and Instagram posts which are available to our general audience. On the other hand, we are also constantly engaging with the member museums through workshops facilitated by experts in the industry and quarterly meetups to discuss and measure our work so far. 
Through our first interactive workshop “Putting an eco-lens on museum collections” facilitated by Climate Museum UK, museums learnt how to find links between their museum objects and ecology and further interpret their findings. Over the past few months, the museums have been practising looking at their collections through an ‘eco-lens’ and sharing that information on social media, giving our collective audiences a deeper insight. 

How to join

If you would like to learn more or get involved, please email Lakshmi Nagaraj at can also reach out to us on Instagram at @rereetifoundation, where we also post updates about their work for Indian Museums Against Climate Change

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