CDE Uganda

We are a diverse group of cultural sector declares in Uganda. We tell the truth, take action, and seek justice in the face of the climate crisis.

From 1900 to 2023, the country has encountered around 20 floods, 40 epidemics, 9 droughts, and 5 landslides. The cumulative damages caused by those natural disasters amount to over 200,000 deaths and at least $80 million in economic loss and damage. Children are vulnerable to many health risks due to biological sensitivities, pregnant women are vulnerable to heatwaves and other extreme occasions like flooding, shocking earthquakes etc. All adults are vulnerable to many of the impacts of climate change.

The effects of climate change in Uganda are increasingly severe, affecting the lives of the country’s citizens and its environment in huge effect. It has led to extreme weather calamities such as unpredictable prolonged droughts and rainfall, ecosystems are under great threat and in collapse threatening biodiversity and human societies due to human activities and poor Government policies. Frequent prolonged dry seasons lead to the loss of farm crops and livestock, dried rivers and hence quite a loss of aquatic life.

As these effects of climate change in Uganda become rampant, we must hold the government and ourselves accountable to implement and cause interventions as individuals, households, institutions and communities as an entire effort. We must make the choice to decelerate climate change by working collectively to reduce fossil fuels and their emissions.

We declare to take action to harness the power of arts and culture to express our heartfelt truth and address deep-rooted injustices regarding nature and biodiversity, food security agriculture, water and other nature resources, loss and damage, climate finance to the global south, marginalized voices, and communities to care for and create resilient and joyful communities that influence the urgent and necessary transformation dreams of rejuvenating the harmful global systems. We therefore demand that Governments and institutions make a commitment to implementation.

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