CDE Winter Solstice Newsletter December 2021

December 20, 2021

Photo Credit: Kelly Hill Photography

CDE moving forward with hope and love

2021 has been a period of movement-building for CDE; Hubs are emerging across the country and internationally, and many more declaring organisations and individuals are growing our numbers. In February 2022, a new smart website will be launched to facilitate networking, share knowledge, and support and inspire more action-taking.
Now is the time to rest and reflect on the successes and the challenges of the last year and a time to look forward with hope to 2022.

Please read the notices and invitations below to see how you can contribute to a cultural movement towards a just and regenerative future.

For now, happy solstice holiday and wishing you a healthy 2022.

Love CDE

Photo Credit: Kelly Hill PhotographyJoin the ‘All Declarers Breakfast’ on Wednesday 26th January, at 9am,  you can register here.
For more information contact Gaby, Polly and Laura here

If you're based in the East of England - Norfolk, Suffolk, wider East Anglia - please do join the first meeting of the East of England Hub at 6pm on Monday 7th February 2020 by Zoom. Please register here.

For more info email Lucy Enskat (Hocus Pocus Theatre) and Genevieve Rudd (Under Open Sky)

More Hub News and Info:

Kirklees Culture Declares:
Fartown Forest Garden
Our current action is led by declarer @Tabassum Ahmed, involving local
residents and fellow declarer organisation Growing Works with local
democracy Think Tank, Same Skies.

A collaboration to reactivate an abandoned forest garden in
Huddersfield, the aim is to take climate action and increase ecological
awareness through commoning.

After launching in the sunshine on Apple Day in September, we move towards
the winter solstice mapping and planning for the Spring. In November,
we joined the Beetroot Collective's exhibition, displaying the fruits of
our labours in collective mapping. Unlike our recent pop-up events, our Fartown Forest Garden action will
move with the seasons. If you'd like to join or know more about Kirklees CDE contact them here

The Cultural Gardeners, Australia
There are exciting opportunities to join a community of practice to support developing local hubs early in 2022  - more to come in the new year. Please contact Pippa Bailey for more info

Please find contact info for the other CDE Hubs below

Culture Declares SE coastal hub

Email here

CDE South West
Email here

CDE Birmingham
Birmingham and adjacent metropolitan areas of West Midlands Email here

CDE North East
Email here

CDE India
Email here

Movement Building

The Climate Emergency Centre are helping to build solutions centres for community resilience and adaptation to a sustainable future.

Art of Rapid Transition group meets online every month or so to share projects and discuss the impact of art and culture on climate change. Everyone is welcome. Email here. The COP-Art digital daily exhibition will become an annual event.