#ItStartedWithTheTruth Social Media Campaign

#ItStartedWithTheTruth Social Media Campaign

March – April 2022

Every declaration started with the truth of the Climate and Ecological emergency. #ItStartedWithTheTruth is a new social media campaign from Culture Declares Emergency calling on all Declarers and beyond to share their story so far since Declaring with us – whatever that may be! The campaign celebrates the launch of our new Culture Declares website and will run across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The new Culture Declares Emergency website features an easier way to navigate around brilliant resources, supportive tools and all the information you need to know about getting involved with the movement. It also has a new interface to view and find existing Declarers and allows all Declarers to curate their own profile with information, updates, and links/ photos/ visuals to any relevant projects, practices, actions etc.

Drawing from our values of Truth-telling, Action-taking and Justice-seeking, #ItStartedWithTheTruth social media campaign gives you, as an individual or organisational declarer, an opportunity to reinstate your declaration, share your updated profile and celebrate the journey you have been on so far, whatever that has looked like for you, since declaring climate and ecological emergency. It is also a chance to share any of your own work in response to planetary emergencies to inspire the possibility of new actions for each other and support new declarers who might not know where to start.


We welcome involvement from ALL declarers, at any and every stage of your journey. Whether you’ve only just declared, or you’ve been busy with many actions, we want to hear from you.

If you or your organisation are still thinking of or are in the process of declaring with us but have something to share, we welcome you to join and share too!


We invite you to share your updated profile on our new website,  along with any details you want to amplify as part of your story so far. Don’t forget to tag all of your posts with the hashtag #ItStartedWithTheTruth.

Each journey into declaring climate and ecological emergency is individual, and we want to capture the variety of responses from our Declarers community. Here are some ideas of what you can add:

–          What motivated you to declare a climate and ecological emergency

–          Any projects or actions in response to the movement that has inspired you

–          A response, project, or action that you have taken so far (or plan to!)

We encourage everyone to share, retweet, and respond to posts from the community too. We will be sharing posts across the @culturedeclares channels. Additional hashtags: #CultureDeclares #CultureTakesAction


The campaign will run primarily across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The posts will be curated using the hashtag #ItStartedWithTheTruth!


The campaign will run from the website’s launch in March through to the end of April.


To get involved, simply find your profile on the new CDE website via the database and scroll to the bottom of your page and follow the instructions. Use hashtag #ItStartedWithTheTruth to share your updated page. Include links to your CDE Declarer profile, and any additional parts of your declaration journey that you choose to celebrate (see the WHAT section above for inspiration). This could be shared in multiple posts across the month, or a one-off post once you’ve updated your profile.

Support: If you have any questions, or want to get involved but aren’t sure where to start, we are here to support you! Drop us an email at culturedeclares.socialmedia@gmail.com

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