#1 Declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency

Ready to declare? Fantastic! The journey you take now is up to you. We’ve put together some guidance to plan and communicate this process.

Find out more about the emergency and the truths you might tell.

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Letters To The Earth

There are a range of ways to declare a climate and ecological emergency:

  • We recommend signing up with Culture Declares to go on our public list of declarers, join our community of local and international Hubs, and use our resources.
  • Or, sign up with another Declarer initiative that suits you, such as in the Heritage, Design, Architecture, Music, Comms, Fashion, Tourism or Business sectors. 
  • Or, make an entirely independent declaration, without joining a declarer community.

Culture Declares is a network of international and UK-based Hubs whose members share knowledge and practical support to seek justice, work towards regenerative change and provide care through culture, heritage and the arts. We are putting action into creative practice, and culture into environmental activism. By declaring with us you support our shared Vision, Mission and Values

We welcome you to our community of declarers! 

an adult hands a pen to a young person, infront a floor covered in paper. Photographed from the back, the back of the persons t-shirt reads "Imagine, Make, Create"
Create/ Photo: Holly Revell

Ready To Declare With Us?

1. Complete the Declaration form

When you have filled in the form, your profile will go live as a page on our website and your entry will be searchable in our Declarer list.

If you are declaring as an organisation, ensure that agreement to do so is in place and that one person is named as liaison.

Use the TASK: BE CLEAR WHY YOU’RE DECLARING on this page to help with this process.

You can complete the form with a very simple statement, then log in later and update your details after developing a plan.

2. Announcing your Declaration

We’d love you to announce your declaration with your own statement, as creatively as you like. You could use our movement-wide statement as a basis for inspiration. Share this on your website, in a press release and on your social media.

Put the CDE kitemark on your websites, emails and print materials. Download the kitemark, CDE font and colour palette.

If you use the hashtag #CultureTakesAction on social media, we’ll pick it up and amplify it across our digital channels too. Use our Social Media Toolkit for more support in amplifying your work.

3. Then you can 



  • If you’re in an organisation, communicate with other staff and managers, sharing your proposal of declaring emergency. 
  • If you’re an individual practitioner, sit down – maybe with a friend or colleague – and write a brief reflection on why you want to declare. 
  • If you have already declared, but still want to use these tools, you could refresh your declaration.
  • Use a creative medium or action to make a statement, or share your new plans for action with your network. 

A group of people float a large grass banner on the Thames, that reads "Can't you hear the future weaping? Our love must save the world"
On The Shore, Ackroyd & Harvey and Ben Okri, 2021 Photo: Andy Sewell

Continue working through the guide

Culture Takes Action: Tools for an Emergency Response


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