Stage Two: Plan Your Pathway To Action

This is the blueprint for change that can help you prioritise and plan increasingly effective action over time. It is a response to the emergency so that assessing responsibility and preparing for risks are more immediate priorities than reducing your footprint.

The first row – focusing on your Practice and Organisation – is essential. You can move on to the next rows when possible according to your context, expertise and resources. Based on your strengths, you can lead and educate others in your progress. Click on the blueprint below to enlarge.

This toolkit takes you through a three stage process to develop a policy and action plan in response to the emergency.

Each of the elements of this table has been broken down into a step-by-step guide to carry out a review to plan your pathway to action. Click each square to access full guidence on carrying out your review, each with tasks, resources and inspiration.

start with… your practice and organisation:

moving to… relationships with community:

then on to… longer- term and bigger picture:

Continue working through the guide

Culture Takes Action: Tools for an Emergency Response


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