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Words, Wisdom & Truth about the Earth crisis – Culture Declares East network event, Norwich, October 2022

Culture Declares East of England was launched in March 2022 and in that time we’ve held seven events, four online and three in person. See our plans for two funded Cultural Assemblies here.

We are Lucy Enskat, Genevieve Rudd and Bridget McKenzie and we’ve enjoyed making these happen over the past year. However, life is making other plans for each of us and we have very little capacity to continue. Also, we are conscious of being similar in our identities and where we live. We need your energy and different perspectives! Here are three ways you can help. We’ll be posting these on social media and invite supporters in the region to share the calls with their networks. 

Can you declare a climate & ecological emergency with Culture Declares? 

Only 25 declarers are listed in the Eastern region, but our Hub has 149 Facebook followers. We know there’s vibrant environmental arts and sustainable heritage here, so let’s showcase it. 

By signing up with us to declare, you join a community of practice, to access national & local training, resources and opportunities. The more we grow the movement, the more we can support each other and grow our capacity to achieve radical change. You can join as an individual or as an organisation, or both. 

Can you get more involved in Culture Declares East? 

Here are a few ways you can contribute and benefit from greater involvement:

  • Post on the Culture Declares East Facebook group. Use it to promote your events and news. You can also call for support, express your worries and invite conversations.
  • Make a social post about Culture Declares East, which includes a link to our regional Hub page on this website
  • Attend The Offer, Breakfasts and working groups organised by Culture Declares nationally, and raise awareness of practice in the East.
  • Sign up to the CDE Newsletter to get info about national events and action calls.
  • Organise a local meeting within the Eastern region. Get together people in your organisation, town or network, and discuss the role of culture to respond to the emergency. Share back on what you learned and could do next. 

Can you be a Culture Declares East co-ordinator? 

Are you based in Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk or Cambridgeshire? Would you like to help create a strong community of practice across the region? Here are some of the things you could do as a coordinator: 

  • Organise the Cultural Assemblies we’re funded to run this Autumn, building on our plans and supported through a handover by us. See our plans for two events.
  • Compiling email newsletters and responding to email enquiries
  • Reporting to Culture Declares central and attending the Hubs working group
  • Holding online networking events
  • Organising local sub-hubs within the Eastern region 
  • Running in-person creative and participatory activities 
  • Contributing to strategic and systemic changes working with councils, arts forums, businesses and the like. 
  • Any other things you think would help the vision of our movement in the Eastern region. 

Please do get in touch with us on to make proposals or ask questions about getting more involved.

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