Maggs Vibo

As a visual poet, I have produced short experimental poetry films covering socioeconomical disparities, the banality of ecological collapse, and filmmaking our Godotian Anthropocene.


I declare a climate emergency. I have witnessed catastrophe during my lifetime with the devastation from the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Leak. This disaster alone involves over 100 million gallons of fuel which still remains in the tanks and every day threaten the safety of Oʻahu’s drinking water supply and marine life. I make this declaration so that the children who come after me will know that our government(s) did little to nothing to protect people. I write this statement hoping for a change of course and a renewed urgency in alternative energy resources. I implore everyone to demand that business leaders and elected representatives work to save our delicate ecosystems. We must have accountability when our earth is poisoned. We must make changes now.

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