Report: The struggles, the hope, and the things we can do together

On 13th September, we held a movement-wide online assembly with 95 declarers registered, 12 speakers and around 45 active participants. This was a space to open dialogue within the Cultural sector: the declaring community, allies, and anyone involved across the broad spectrum of arts and culture. It was a supportive, collaborative space with the aim of understanding the struggles that we are individually and collectively experiencing, the glimmers of hope that inspire strength and action, and the ways in which we can move forward in action, together.

These conversations continue to expand and unearth the ways of working that can hold space to create regenerative change, to support our individual and collective work going forward to build a future that supports the planet and people everywhere. A report from the assembly is now available, and you can watch the entire assembly back over on our YouTube channel.

One big finding from the discussions uncovered that many in our community were unaware of what resources are already provided and what activities we are doing. As we use these discussions to refresh and renew Culture Declares strategy, our recent news post is full of the resources available to look back on and reflect on. We are energised and grateful for all those who have, and who continue to, contribute to these discussions that will help shape our strategy for 2024 and beyond, to mobilise the cultural sector as a powerful, collaborative leader in shifting our current systems toward regenerative models of care and justice for all.

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