Declare as an Individual

How to Declare?

As an individual, you’re probably more able to go right ahead. You might first want to discuss implications with close collaborators or family. You can use your declaration to encourage cultural and civic organisations you work with to do the same. Make an impact by being creative with your declaration. Can it be a poster, a performance, a film, written onto a garment, a poem? If you work collaboratively, involve others, or organise a project. See the Letters to the Earth project as an example of ways to invite participation in creatively expressing concern for the planetary emergency.

Here is the Declaration Text that you could download here. You could adapt this declaration text, including changing the pledges and adding your own detail about how you or your organisation intend(s) to respond. Send your declaration text to the organisations you work with, your Council, your MP and with local press. Use #CultureDeclaresEmergency to share on social media. Tell us about it via the registration form so that we can list you.