Manchester Museum

Activating systemic change across the museum sector.

dinosaur skeleton in a museum
Collections of the Manchester Museum, UK. Photo by Mike Peel (

Manchester Museum places climate and social justice and understanding between cultures centrally to inform its programming and operations. 

Museums have a unique perspective on climate change as they are institutions that take a long-term view with their mission to preserve collections and stories for the future. Using exhibitions and programmes, museums are well-placed to play an important role in informing audiences and inspiring them to take positive climate action. 

The Museum plays an active role in advocating ecological citizenship and system change in and beyond Manchester. Its staff galvanise the cultural sector to focus on wellbeing for people, place and planet by hosting conferences on museums and climate, by being part of the Happy Museum Network and part of G-Mast – the arts and sustainability network for Greater Manchester. Its Curator of Indigenous Perspectives works to explore links between environmental and historical colonialism and its representation in collections and displays, spreading decolonised museum practice more widely. The Museum also leads Roots and Branches, developing carbon literacy and collaborative action across the museum sector.

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