Invitation to hold a CDE assembly

indoor group gathering
Culture Declares Emergency Assembly at the Roundhouse on 8 July 2019. Photo by Bridget McKenzie.

Culture Declares Emergency invites you to host a Cultural Assembly in your area this autumn and winter 2020/21.

This is an opportunity to gather and connect artists, cultural organisations and other allies in your area or in your specialism to have a conversation connected to the climate and ecological emergency. To reflect, exchange experiences and explore pathways for action.

Assemblies are convened around a question. 

What question(s) would you like to convene your community around? 

In July 2019 CDE hosted a nationwide assembly at the Roundhouse London, and the following questions were asked:

  • What does it feel like to be living at a time of climate and ecological emergency? 
  • If we do everything we can possibly do to respond to the climate and ecological emergency, working together locally and thinking globally, if we draw on all the resources, imagination, courage and political will, what could we create?
  • In response to the Climate and Ecological Emergency we are in, what does the cultural sector need to relinquish; what might we restore (repair, bring back) and how do we build resilience as individuals and organisations?

You may also wish to explore what it means to Declare or any other live issue for your community in connection to the emergency.

Have a look at the conversations and outcomes of last year’s Assembly. Or see the Facilitation Toolkit to support your upcoming Assemblies.

If you are thinking to or planning to hold an Assembly please let us know at We are particularly interested to hear from you if you’d like to join a small team to host a nationwide Assembly.

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