Hocus Pocus Theatre - Lucy Enskat

Andi Sapey

Lucy Enskat is a theatre maker who has been trading as Hocus Pocus Theatre since 2008. Hocus Pocus Theatre makes playful, thought- provoking, socially engaged theatre to spark joy and inspire meaningful positive change for people and planet. Projects range from solo outdoor family shows to large scale immersive events, incorporating walkabout ensembles and pop-up installations with interactive characters. Work is made collaboratively with a wide network of artists and creative freelancers in Norfolk and Suffolk and regularly funded by Arts Council England. Laughter is used as a tool for engagement on universal themes that have including mental health and climate crisis. Wellbeing practices are incorporated into my process of theatre making.


Arts and Culture has a responsibility and role to play in addressing the Climate Emergency. As creators and creatives, we can give energy to action and contribute to a re-generative future. Theatre is a platform that can be used for social change. It can hold a mirror up to nature and offer perspectives through storytelling that are potent, powerfully and empowering. Hocus Pocus Theatre is declaring a Climate and Ecological Emergency because truth, action and justice are necessary for change to happen. We are committed to the cause and dedicated to contributing to the health of the planet and all life on it because both depend on each other.

As the Artistic Director of Hocus Pocus Theatre I pledge to use our work to communicate about the Emergency and our platform to challenge where it is needed, seeking climate justice and equity for those most affected by it. I will put sustainable practices at the heart of my company’s work, in both the making of it and its themes. I will share knowledge, and resources for eco-theatre making practices. We pledge to work towards reducing our emissions to net zero by 2025 and reduce consumption levels. I will continue to work collaboratively to build and sustain the Culture Declares East of England hub.

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