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Ben Pacey

We're based in Hastings (UK). Our work brings people together to create connection, shared moments and future possibilities. We aim to kindle creative engagement and a sense of agency with the future.


At a time of multiple crises, increasing displacement of peoples, and rising uncertainty, precarity and anxiety, our work "takes on big problems with a powerful gentleness and humour": bringing people together to foster recognition, understanding, and the need to hold everything – and everyone – dear.

We believe that creativity, imagination and story can help to change the world.

We plan to:

Make work which engages with climate, biodiversity and social justice. From project to project, this may be more or less explicit. We want to engage diverse audiences, including people who are not already part of this movement.

Make work which enables people to participate – either as co-creators or as ‘active’ audience members – amplifying diverse voices and affirming participants’ creativity and agency.

Respect and value our collaborators, participants and audiences.

Do all we can to minimise our own environmental impact.


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