Climate Museum UK

A collective of creatives, we curate and gather responses to the Earth crisis, organising activations to open people’s imaginations to possible futures and build skills to turn ideas into reality.


Earth will take 10 million years to recover from human industrial activities so humanity’s challenge is to prefigure and build a regenerative system at every scale, not just to decarbonise but to restore nature and seek reparations. As a collective of practitioners who engage communities with this emergency, we connect around six principles including compassion, holism, participation, intersectionality and planet-kindness. The sixth is to be possitopian - facing the worst while opening imaginations to all possibilities of planetary thriving. We declared in April 2019 and several of our members are founders of CDE. Through CDE, Climate Museum UK and our own individual practices we do all that we can to reduce harm in our own activities, stop harm in wider realms in our roles as citizens, and together aim to shift consciousness to bring about more regenerative systems.
[Based across the UK, although the form has made us tick one region.]

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