Inspiring organisations

This is a round up of inspiring organisations, movements and campaigns in the areas of arts, culture and environmental activism. Dip into them to help you build alliances and find resources. 

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Other declarers initiatives

Arts & creative industries 

Museums and heritage sector

  • American Alliance of Museums’ Environment and Climate Network (formerly PIC Green Museum Network) is a collaborative and proactive community working to establish museums as leaders in environmental stewardship and sustainability, and climate action. 
  • Climate Heritage Network: international, heritage sector including museums & arts galvanising action for mitigation & adaptation with strong link to UN & ICOMOS. Seeded 2018 and launched October 2019 in Edinburgh.
  • Coalition of Museums for Climate Justice: based in Canada but with international intent and social media reach. Climate justice & inclusion. Formed Sept 2017. 
  • Cultural Impact: German organisation for a strengthening of the social impact of cultural institutions & museums.
  • Curating Tomorrow: a consultancy for museums, the heritage sector and anyone interested in creating a better future.
  • Eco-museums: a type of museum with some networks in areas where eco-museums are strong e.g. France & Canada. Knowledge sharing between small/independent museums. Long established. 
  • Ecsite: International: Science centres & science museums in support of SDGs. Their Tokyo Protocol was agreed in 2017.
  • Happy Museums Project: UK-based but with intention for an international affiliate network. Museums for wellbeing of people, places & planet. Formed c.10 years ago.
  • ICOM Sustainability Working Group: International. Considers the museums’ potential roles in cross-sectorial sustainability initiatives: through their collections, as information resources, as communicators, as educators, as facilitators, as activists and advocates, and as users of natural resources. Since Sept 2018. 
  • Ki Culture is a non-profit organisation which provides sustainable solutions for the cultural heritage sector. 
  • Museum Climate Collective Poland: Muzeum Śląskie cooperating with the POLIN Museum and We Are Museums, from May 2019. 
  • Museums & Climate Change Network: global, mostly in US and Australia. Museums, science centres & academics. Since 2013. 
  • Museums Facing Extinction: An enquiry/community led by We Are Museums.
  • Museums For Future: Europe/international. Supporting climate strikes/Fridays for Future. Formed November 2019.
  • National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation — NNOCCI: USA-wide, network of informal/cultural education, science institutes & climate communication.
  • Reimagining Museums for Climate Action international prize & exhibition at COP26. 
  • Sustainability in Conservation (SiC): an international NGO promoting sustainability and environmental awareness in conservation of cultural heritage and related fields. Founded in 2016 to support environmental responsibility, highlighting the duality of conserving the planet along with the art and heritage it contains. 
  • UN Live Museum: An emerging major museum in Denmark and online/everywhere, inspiring people to tackle global challenges of climate change and the other Sustainable Development Goals.
  • We Are Still In: US/Alliance of American Museums, #MuseumsforParis, a programme created by Sustainable Museums, aligned with We Are Still In, to create the Cultural Institutions sector joining the other orgs/states/sectors declaring they were still in the Paris Agreement. Formed Spring 2018 contains. 

Arts & design organisations 

  • Arcola Theatre: Good green practice in every aspect of the organisation.
  • ACT is a European coop project on ecology.
  • Artdotearth: A family of arts and ecology organisations centred around the South West of England – a great website promoting many residencies and exhibitions.
  • ArtsAdmin: Contemporary arts agency with programming on climate and environment, including Two Degrees festival and Season for Change (with Julie’s Bicycle).
  • Arts Catalyst: Contemporary art about our changing world, science and environment.
  • Cambridge Centre for Curiosity and Imagination: Early years, creativity and the environment
  • Cape Farewell: Artist journeys to environments that strongly indicate climate change.
  • Climate Museum UK: Mobile & digital museum responding to the Earth crisis.
  • Coney: Interactive theatre makers, making work around climate and issues of interest to their participants.
  • Counterpoints Arts: A leading national organisation in the field of arts, migration and cultural change.
  • Design Council: exploring sustainability in design & industry.
  • Design Observer: writings on design, including sustainability.
  • The Eden Project: creating a movement that builds relationships between people and the natural world to demonstrate the power of working together for the benefit of all living things.
  • Encounters Arts: Former organisation – individuals involved now continue their own participatory creativity, dialogue and change projects in the South West. For example, the Walking Forest.  
  • Grizedale Arts: Forest and land art in the Lake District.
  • Invisible Dust: Curation of high quality environmental contemporary art projects
  • Metal Liverpool: Artistic laboratory championing artistic innovation. See its 12 Years Lab
  • Morning Boat: A floating lab for research and action about ecology.
  • ONCA: Creating space for change, art for social and environmental justice. Based in Brighton.
  • Open Jar Collective: Socially engaged arts collective.
  • Platform London: Well-researched resources and campaigns on oil industry, economy and the arts
  • Royal Court Theatre: A writer’s theatre, hosting work on a range of contemporary issues including climate change.
  • Stories of Change: OU research project on cultures and narratives of climate change.
  • Up Projects: curates & commissions public art with social purpose.

Environmental & social organisations

These offer resources and ideas for environmental and social change. Many of these organisations already work in partnership with cultural organisations and practitioners and are keen to do more.

  • The Alternative: political platform curating content & events for an alternative economy e.g. a guide to the commons
  • Atlas of the Future: Lots of solutions, includes a map of creative/arts projects working on social & ecological challenges
  • Bank of Nature: Bank of Nature is an initiative of Cape Cod Center for Sustainability, a US 501c3. Using global finance, a traditional foe to the environment, as the engine to pay for climate security. A global community of co-creators. 
  • Bioneers: For 30 years, Bioneers has acted as a fertile hub of game-changing social and scientific innovators with breakthrough solutions for the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges.
  • Centre for Alternative Technology: offers practical solutions and hands-on learning to help create a zero carbon world. See Zero Carbon Britain. Works with cultural sector.  
  • Climate Outreach: Provides resources to ensure climate change and its impacts are understood, accepted and acted upon across the breadth of society, creating a truly sustainable future.
  • Common Cause Foundation: Training and research on Values and Frames towards social and environmental impact. Works with the cultural sector e.g. Happy Museum to deliver training. 
  • Earth Protectors: Campaign to make Ecocide an international crime against peace. They are keen on the role of arts and culture to explore and promote this idea.
  • Environment and Culture Partners: non-profit organisation, to strengthen and broaden the environmental leadership of the cultural sector, and supporting the America is All In movement. 
  • Natural Climate Solutions: Creating a better world for wildlife and people.
  • Permaculture Association UK: Helps design intelligent systems which meet human needs whilst enhancing biodiversity, reducing our impact on the planet, and creating a fairer world for us all.
  • Public Interest Research Centre: Works with civil society to develop stories and strategies for a more equal, green and democratic society.
  • Rapid Transition Alliance: Evidence-based hope for transition, because the climate is changing faster than we are.
  • The Really Regenerative Centre: A regenerative learning centre dedicated to facilitating the emergence of a regenerative economy.
  • Schumacher College: Internationally renowned learning community offering ecology-centred masters programmes and short courses.
  • Transition Network: A network of communities coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world.
  • Zero Carbon Britain: An initiative of CAT, since 2007 it has offered the hard data and confidence required for visualising a future where we have risen to the demands of climate science. It has helped to show that it is possible for the UK to rapidly transition to net-zero emissions with existing technologies.

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