Free Declarer Mentoring

Starting in February 2024, Disabled installation artist and drag king Lady Kitt is offering two 30-minute, online mentoring slots a month, for people who would like to chat through:

  • Making a CDE pledge for the 1st time
  • Developing current declaration or pledges
  • Access-centered approaches to creating and sharing declarations

Since 2019 Kitt has been collaborating with social artist and architect Dan Russell to develop the Social Practice Surgery approach to mentoring, which is the framework Kitt will use for these CDE sessions.

These slots will be available from the 1st of each month. Please contact coordinator Beth Stead to arrange

Credit: Lady Kitt and Art Matters Now, 2023

About Kitt

Kitt first made a CDE pledge in 2020, in collaboration with fellow socially engaged artist Sarah Li. Kitt describes their work as “Mess Making as Social Glue”. They work on long-term, collaborative projects driven by insatiable curiosity about how art can be useful. Projects are usually punctuated by the creation of large-scale, vibrant installations or sites for exchange made from recycled paper, reused plastics and raw clay, which Kitt calls shrines. These are then used as spaces for performances, meetings, rituals and workshops.

Kitt is a trustee for Crafts Council and founding member of disabled artist led art rabble “kin collective” (North East Culture Awards winner 2022). Kitt’s work has been longlisted for both the 2023 and 2024 Aesthetica Art Prize, shown at Atlanta Contemporary (USA), Saatchi Gallery (UK), National Centre on Restorative Justice (USA) and BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art (UK).

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