West Yorkshire Cultural Assembly

Saturday 24 June at Open Source Arts, Leeds

West Yorkshire culture convenes this summer in response to the climate and ecological emergency. Some four years on from their facilitation of the  Roundhouse Assembly in London, CDE co-founders Ruth Ben-Tovim, Kay Michael, and Lucy Neale reassemble to support our West Yorkshire action. 

For the CDE Kirklees hub, the Assembly represents a further collaboration with Same Skies, the regional democracy think tank, and with Letters to the  Earth. Hub co-ordinator Mike Prior says: 

“We’ll put deliberative democracy into action, and channel Assembly calls to action to the West Yorkshire Mayor as one or more  #LettersToPower.” 

This follows an earlier local collaborative action in 2021, urging future Mayors to…

“…see the truth about the climate breakdown and species extinction well  underway, but more importantly to imagine a world which is life enhancing  for all species, and worthy of our future generations.”

As part of Leeds2023 Year of Culture, we’ll also be joining forces with fellow CDE declarers Sustainable Arts in Leeds.  Our Assembly invitations will span the full length and breadth of culture in West Yorkshire and we’ll act on our declarations of Telling the Truth; Taking Action; Seeking Justice.

We’ll facilitate multiple climate conversations in a beautiful physical space of Open Source Arts in Leeds, the first time this has been possible since our Pop-up Climate Emergency Hub in the Spring of 2020, just days before the first Covid lockdown.

Letters To Power Logo, Same Skies logo, SAIL Logo reads Doing nothing is not an option. Leeds Year of Culture 2023 logo.

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