The Offer: The Role of Culture In A Time Of Self Reflection

Watch a recording of the event from May 2020

The Offer

The Role of Culture In A Time Of Self Reflection

Revisit The Offer from 13 May 2020 – The Role of Culture In A Time Of Self Reflection – with Common Cause Foundation and The Happy Museum Project.

Covid-19 has changed our world in ways that we could never have imagined. The brakes have been slammed on our 24/7 world and with an outpouring of compassionate responses we are reminded of what really matters and what our priorities are in the face of adversity.

Common Cause Foundation (CCF) work with something we call the ‘perception gap’. It is a simple but powerful finding that most people care deeply for others and the wider world. But the majority of us underestimate the extent to which our fellow citizens care about these things. This is of profound importance, because when we hold more authentic perspectives of others’ values we are more likely to feel connected to our communities, support action on social or environmental challenges, show greater motivation to become engaged in collective action, and feel higher wellbeing.

In this session we draw on our research and work with Happy Museum exploring:

  • How might we in the cultural sector help bridge the perception gap and support people to express and celebrate shared values as we emerge from lockdown?
  • How might an understanding of values help our communities build resilience together in the future?

Presented as part of The Offer – a series of regular online events from Culture Declares Emergency. Discover upcoming events and watch any past events you’ve missed.
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