#4 Gather good practice and other inspiring policies

This toolkit takes an expanded approach, zooming out to embrace the critical emergency, and the many dimensions of how we might respond to it.

As we take an expanded approach here, that means it is lacking in some detail on technicalities for sustainable operations and adaptation plans relevant to your organisations or sites. Many other practical resources are signposted here, representing tried-and-tested practices or inspiring ideas. This is a reminder to own the process for your practice or organisation.


Gather elements of practice and policies relevant to you

  • Explore ways that environmental action plans serve different organisations. Ask: What do we want our plan to achieve for us?
  • Explore alternative frameworks to compare to our Culture Takes Action framework.
  • Capture any guidance or examples of practice in them that are relevant to you.


Here are some frameworks and toolkits. There are plenty here so only look at those that interest you. Find a way to extract the elements that help you plan, measure your impact, prepare for risks and get inspired:

Continue working through the guide

Pathways To Action: Tools for an Emergency Response


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