On The Brink Arts: Project RISE

Project RISE by On The Brink Arts CIC uses film, art and music to provide a creative channel that supports young people to respond to environmental and social injustice. Here, Megan Coleman, founder of On The Brink Arts CIC, shares more about the project, its development and responses so far.

Solly’s spoken word at Project RISE Lost Horizons event, Bristol, 2024

We engage young people and their communities with issues surrounding environmental and social injustice through art, film and music. By encouraging creative expression, we nurture a sense of self-belief and confidence, building resilience and helping communities adapt to a changing economic and environmental landscape.

In 2021, we made a short film called Rise. Its powerful thought-provoking imagery is narrated by a group of young people using spoken word, song and rap. The experience of recording in a real studio, and knowing their voices and words are being listened to by a growing audience has been very empowering for them.

RISE in Bristol

We recently produced an event at Lost Horizons Art Centre in Bristol, celebrating the immense talent of the youth of Bristol and beyond! We invited young people to get up on stage and voice their frustrations about the environmental and social injustices that are happening in their world in vocal performances of spoken word, song and rap.

Sennen, Akira and Charlie Rose perform at Project RISE Lost Horizons event, Bristol, 2024

During the show, we screened two films and delivered a message through the PA directly from a youth leader from The Noke Koi nation, an indigenous tribe from the Amazon rainforest who we raise funds for and work closely with on projects. The message was translated onto a screen for the audience.

The night was buzzing, It was a real success!

What’s next for Project RISE

We are in the process of applying for funding to enable us to start a large-scale art project creating sculptures from waste materials to be installed in a public space, a mural with a primary school incorporating artwork from The Noke Koi tribe, and if funds allow, another series of live performances with communities and young people from Gloucester.

On The Bring CIC is a declaring arts and environmental organisation working in Gloucester and beyond to connect with youth communities to engage with climate change and the environment. Read more about their declaration here, and follow them on Instagram @onthebrinkarts to see more!

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