The Offer Programme May 2020

May 8, 2020

The Offer Programme May 2020

Wednesday 13th May 2020
The Offer, 11-12.30pm
The role of culture at a time of self-reflection – with Common Cause Foundation and Happy Museum

Covid-19 has changed our world in ways that we could never have imagined. The brakes have been slammed on our 24/7 world and with an outpouring of compassionate responses we are reminded of what really matters and what our priorities are in the face of adversity.

Common Cause Foundation (CCF) work with something we call the ‘perception gap’. It is a simple but powerful finding that most people care deeply for others and the wider world. But the majority of us underestimate the extent to which our fellow citizens care about these things. This is of profound importance, because when we hold more authentic perspectives of others’ values we are more likely to feel connected to our communities, support action on social or environmental challenges, show greater motivation to become engaged in collective action, and feel higher wellbeing.

In this session we will draw on our research and work with Happy Museum to explore:

How might we in the cultural sector help bridge the perception gap and support people to express and celebrate shared values as we emerge from lockdown?

How might an understanding of values help our communities build resilience together in the future?

Wednesday 13th May 2020
The Evening Offer, 19.30-21.00
A Wander in the Forest

Following on from our Reimagine the City event last week and looking toward the Urban Tree Festival next week, we invite participants to conjure up a forest for a restorative evening wander. Bring or create art, images or words about trees, forests and plants to share during the session. You might have, for example, a quote, a drawing, a photograph, a carving, a view, a short poem, that is made by you, another artist or by nature itself. The sharing will flow swiftly as we move randomly through the leaves of your books, the branches of linked ideas, or the seeds of potential tree art projects. By the end, we can reach a clearing and point you to ways you can creatively engage with trees.

This session is led lightly by Bridget McKenzie, director of Climate Museum UK, and Ackroyd & Harvey

The Offer continues throughout May, see the programme below:

Wednesday May 20th
The Offer 11-12.30pm
Declarer Voices: A movement of movements
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Culture Declares sits as one of a family of declarer initiatives, within and beyond the cultural sector. Music, Architects, Heritage and Health Declares are just some of the movements that have grown up over the past year.

This session brings together representatives from these and other groups to discuss common goals, collaborative working and how to spread the spark to other sectors.

Wednesday May 20th
The Evening Offer 19.30-21.00
Rebel Writers: The People of the River Rise - Chaired by Novelist Toby Litt
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‘We stand united against the threat of floods. In the next 80 years, large parts of London could be underwater due to increased rainfall and rising sea levels. Before that, regular floods - like those wreaking destruction in other parts of the country - are likely to become the 'new normal' for many Londoners.’

Originally planned as a performance outside Tate Modern but cancelled due to Covid19 Lockdown, The People of the River Rise, curated by Writer’s Rebel bring together specialist authors on the impact and ravages of flooding for an evening of readings on Zoom.

Readers include: Jeff Goodell, (The Water Will Come and Rolling Stone), Clare Morrall (When the Floods Came), Edward Platt, (The Great Flood), Monique Roffey (Archipelago), and Chloe Aridjis, a London-based Mexican writer and novelist, who will read a river poem from her father, Homero Aridjis, a reknowned Mexican poet and environmental activist.

Wednesday May 27th
The Offer 11.00-12.30pm
Indigenous Cultures: Representation and Mis-Representation
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In the global response to climate and ecological emergency, indigenous communities are very much on the front line, but their voices are rarely heard and they have little control over how they are represented. See work by indigenous artists and communities, and join a discussion with Complicité, Survival International and People's Palace Projects.

This session has been inspired by Complicité’s production The Encounter, that will be available to watch online for free, from 15-22 May (See Complicité website).

Wednesday May 27th
The Evening Offer 19.30-21.00
with pianist Sarah Nicolls
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This event is a chance to watch and listen to some of Sarah’s piano and text work and talk generally about making artistic pieces about the climate and ecological emergency, engaging a variety of audiences and how the current crisis might shape future making and sharing.  

Sarah Nicolls is a leading UK pianist, composer and inventor of the ‘Inside-Out Piano’, a re-shaped grand piano designed so that Sarah can play using the strings as well as the keys to make other-worldly sounds. In 2018, Sarah began composing ’12 Years’, a one-hour recital-story about climate change in which she uses spoken headlines, real interviews and speeches mixed with fictional phone calls between family members who urge each other to worry less or do more. Sarah has also been working with cellist Maja Bugge on a stand-up/concert/audience interaction piece and Maja will join in the conversation.

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Other announcements:

Prize to Transform the Future- what should the London City Region look like in 20 years? Supported by Culture Declares.

What might the London City Region look like 20 years from now? Now imagine what it could and should look like. What if it was radically greener, healthier, wilder and more beautiful? What would it look like? What would it be like?  We’re calling for optimists to help visualise a hopeful and possible future for the region.


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