Information about the Future of Culture Declares

June 10, 2020

Dear Culture Declares community,

On 10th June at 11am-12.30pm Culture Declares will be presenting its new strategy. This has been crafted from the feedback to the survey sent out earlier this year and is the culmination of many hours of thought and discussion.

This is an opportunity for declarers and declaring organisations to find out how Culture Declares will amplify their work, practise and actions to strengthen our collective impact and inspire others.  Please register here to be a part of Culture Declares future.

Coming Up:

Tune in to Julie's Bicycle's Creative Climate Chats - conversations with leading thinkers in culture and climate. These will cover culture in the just transition, new economics for a regenerative economy, the net zero carbon challenge, and climate justice.

Check out Rebel Writers new website that includes the People from the River Rise The Evening Offer with Culture Declares

And watch a beautiful new animation set in the future, entitled 'The Gigantic Change' produced by Extinction Rebellion and narrated by Whoopi Goldberg
Visit to find out more

Social and ecological justice go hand in hand - Culture Declares stands in solidarity with all those communities who are suffering injustice, exploitation and oppression - we stand against racism, violence and inequality. #BlackLivesMatter