Earth Day 2021

April 20, 2021

The Offer:

Thursday 22nd April

Earth Day

The Oneiric Earth, tapestry 2020 © Pearl Jackson-Payen, tapestry CDE celebrates two years of movement building and inspirational activity with a relaunch of The Offer series celebrating World Earth Day.  

Hosted by artists in their 20's from creative networks linked to CDE in the UK and Brazil, who will be showing their earth-inspired artworks and sharing the earth related works by other artists that they admire.

Featuring artists and activists from New Leaf's Threshold, Good Living, RE-PEAT, Climate Museum UK and Worldward.

With: Benjamin Goldstein, Pearl Jackson-Payen, Talia Levene, Oak Lawrenson, Meg Mckenzie, Frankie Turk and Camylla Alves.

Organised by Culture Declares Emergency in partnership with New Leaf and Transformance Institute.