Notes from the New Declarer Breakfast: 30/3/2022

Culture Declares Emergency South West launches on the Bristol Harbourside, 2020 (Gaby Solly)

Thank you so much for joining us for this Breakfast. We hope you found it a useful and friendly introduction to Culture Declares. The details we all shared with each other about our practice etc. are at the bottom of the page.

The next Breakfast is an All Declarer Breakfast at the end of May – there will be more details shared about it soon on the website/newsletter/SM so please keep your eyes peeled.

By updating our Declarations we can now share more about our Declarer journeys, our practice and regional location, to enable better collaborative opportunities within the movement. You should be able to create a login in and update details by searching for your existing profile on the website – there are instructions at the bottom of your profile page and in FAQs, these should answer all your questions – but email if you are still experiencing problems.

To join in the conversations with Culture Declares Emergency HQ at Basecamp please use this link

To find out about joining a working group or a hub or if you have any questions etc. please check out the relevant bit on the website or contact CDE National coordinator. Any offers of development, skills and time are enthusiastically encouraged.

To share Declarer stories, projects, exhibitions, invitations for collaborations on CDE’s social media channels please contact Zahrah    

CDE Kite marks and logos for websites etc, here

Ideas/ inspiration about how to take your Declaration journey forward here

Associated projects that are ongoing and have open invitations to get involved include:

  • Letters to the Earth – a participative project that resonates with our grief, love and hope at this time.
  • Paint the Land – a project initiated by Writers Rebel connecting writers with artists to create words in the landscape that highlight the CEE such as On The Shore.


Gaby Solly

  • Emerging multi-disciplinary artist in Bristol, and on the Declarer Support working group.
  • I am also working with other Declarers in the South West to start seeding small hubs around the region – please check out our FB page and email if you’d like to join the mailing list.  I’d love to help make something happen here in Bristol but am clear that it needs to start from an authentically diverse base if we are to find and employ our true creative power.

Kate Walters

Luke Jerram

Polly Gifford

  • Freelance Project Manager & Consultant, CDE Declarer Support and also Finance & Fundraising.  I also co-coordinate the South East Coastal Hub.  I’m based in Hastings.

Laura Sedgwick

  • Theatre production coordinator in commercial theatre. CDE Declarers Support and based in London

Carol Sharp

  • Hi I’m Carol a visual artist working mainly in photography in rural South Norfolk.

Michael Sells

  • Senior Producer at Dartington Trust.
  • Currently showing Thrive– a Spring Festival full of Indian music, bird-song and hope

Sam Prior

Rosie Pearson

  • Creative director of on form sculpture and custodian of Asthall Manor in the Cotswolds. Currently Green Party candidate for West Oxfordshire district council.

Sarah Faulkner

  • Postgraduate researcher and fledgling practitioner:
  • Currently undertaking a research project at Leeds University looking at: A change in the climate: the contribution of the arts in activating community responses to the climate emergency. Please email Sarah if you are interested in being interviewed for this.
  • Potentially interested in forming some sort of associated education and research group within CDE…

Susan Croft

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