Lights. Camera… Action

Culture Declares Emergency is our community of declarers. We hope that you feel and enjoy the power and presence of every one of us in our new film, Holding Earth, that we launched on Earth Day 2024 to mark five years of Culture Declares.

Holding Earth is a mosaic of the diverse voices, people and practices in the Culture Declares movement, capturing the essence of our shared commitment to justice, care and creativity. It is a testament to the collective power of the arts and culture in driving transformative change. It weaves together our declaration of intent with creative actions and stories that resonate with heartfelt truths, inspire resilience and joy, and advocate for systems grounded in justice and care.

We are hugely grateful to everyone who helped transform the vision of a Culture Declares film into reality. A special thank you to Gaby Solly, who wrote and directed the film, bringing it to life alongside fellow declarers filmmaker Fergus Dingle and composer El Knight. Please share Holding Earth widely and help strengthen our movement for change.

We are grateful for the generous contributions and support of so many including (IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE): 

Sophie Hughes, Vicky Smith, Vandna Mehta, Bristol Botanic Gardens, Deborah Weinreb, CDE South West, CUTCampaign, Jaime Jackson, Salt Road, Highly Sprung, Leoni Fretwell, Of the Wild Circus, Folk Dance Remixed, Evv Semenowicz, Wye Valley River Festival, Ackroyd and Harvey, Ben Okri, Charlotte Jarvis, WritersRebel, Fehinti Balogun, Complicite Theatre, Diverse Artists Network, Katy Connor, Jay Griffiths, WatershedBristol, SpikeIslandStudios, Max Naylor, Pia Pack, Carol Jackman, SpikeIslandPrint, Veronica Vickory, Valda Jackson, LukeJeram, RedRebelBrigade, GraceBillings, Angela Cockayne, Letters to the Earth, CDE East, George Cruse Drew, Lady Kitt, Drag Declares Emergency, Alexis Bamforth, Ocean Rebellion, CDE Kirklees AND all the artists and performers included in the footage sent in by our contributors.

Featuring the voices of:

Vandna Mehta, Simon McBurney, Lady Kitt, Fehinti Balogun,

AND Mark Smalley, Sandy Creighton, Polly Gifford, Victoria Burns, Bridget Mckenzie, Doug Fransisco, Jo Flanagan, Esther Abramson, Eloise Armary, Dan Harvey, Heather Ackroyd, Keith Beaney, Robin Lyon, Zahrah Vawda, AND OTHERS

We love a better world into being, and we invite you to join us: declare climate and ecological emergency with us, screen this film as part of your activities, and keep an eye out for more local birthday celebrations organised by hubs and declarers near you!

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