Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck

Photograph by Nishant Shukla, 2022.

I am a transdisciplinary artist and cultural practitioner. My practice composed of painting, drawing, installation, sculpture, film, photography and writing often conceals ecological messages, rendered in soft and delicate methods. Interaction with the environment and others plays a central role.


I declare the need for positive, diverse collective actions in the face of Climate and Ecological emergencies. With the projects I founded and co-founded, I hope to collaborate, inspire and be inspired and take actions to make positive contributions to the cultural, art and horticultural landscape. These projects include;

Poetic Pastel and Poetic Pastel Press (founded in 2014 & 2015). An independent collaborative cultural project and a small imprint, informed by Deep Ecology. All Poetic Pastel Press titles are printed locally and plastic-free. (

Journal du Thé - Contemporary Tea Culture (co-founded 2018). It is a series of printed publications fostering peace and togetherness via tea. (

The Gardening Drawing Club (founded in 2021). This project is a series of free workshops offering access to arts and horticulture to adults and children in Britain, with a holistic and veganic approach. (

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