Institute for Cultural Activism International

A peson uses their phone to to capture a photo off anothers phone on the streets of New York
Qiao Xingyue

►identifying, activating cultural activist individuals & collectives, worldwide.
►empowering responsible stewardship within the international community
►creating a cultural activism resource data-base, scholarship, history and education
►creating impactful socially engaged, public works/interventions & online real estate and proactive algorithms


►to contribute to the expansion of CDE’s proactive platform/action group, the international dialogue and its development in the US
►to establish a HUB in the USA/New York Region
►to fulfill our mission in association with CDE

Based on decades of our collective cultural activism and various careers and skills, we, the Institute for Cultural Activism International, comprised of three central artists in cooperation with over 40 artists and organizations, offer collaboration to CDE, its organizers and members.

We seek to interact with a larger global network, bringing to it our expertise, resources and proposals for engagement within and without, internationally.

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