Gaby Solly

'Watching out for the trees. Breathing through their leaves.' A participative, paste-up project for the M32 Maples Campaign, Bristol, 2020. (Photo credit: Simon Holliday)

Working flexibly in a variety of media and materials, I move between poetic arrangements, participative interactions, political communication and more pragmatic forms. My practice centres around notions of connection, exploring how beings might navigate a sense of self and community.


My practice draws attention to the web of connection between selves of all species, exploring humanity's place within, and our effects upon, the Natural world.

My work intends to provoke thinking about the preciousness of our Earth and all the life it sustains; it is my response to the desperation I often feel when faced with the extravagant injustices and foolish wastefulness of our patriarchal, colonial, capitalist society.

I have Declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency as an artist: I believe that the power we can conjure as a collective, creative voice has the potential to reach so much further than our individual ones can. I currently volunteer with CDE's Declarer Support Working Group. I am interested in joining up with Declarers in Bristol to form a hub.

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