DanceSyndrome is a multi-award winning inclusive dance charity based in Lancashire with a special focus on including everyone, regardless of ability.


DanceSyndrome is joining the declaration to shout about our environmental actions, impact & responsibilities, and to influence our stakeholders to do the same. Jen Blackwell has Down's syndrome and is the inspiration behind multi award winning charity, DanceSyndrome. With the support of her family, she co-founded DanceSyndrome in 2009, and which became a registered charity in 2013. Jen's dream was to be a community dance leader providing accessible dance for everyone. Her challenge to find appropriate inclusive dance opportunities, dance leadership and performance training led to Jen and her mum setting up their own organisation. DanceSyndrome now has over ten years' experience and an established, unique approach and methodology for co-designed and co-led delivery of inclusive dance sessions and provides dance training in the community and online - both in the form of inclusive technique classes and open creative sessions. The charity offers a broad programme of innovative dance, leadership and inclusion workshops and training to people with learning disabilities whilst addressing health inequalities, social inclusion, prevention, and transformation.


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