Ackroyd & Harvey

Lille Madden / Tar-Ra (Dawes Point), Gadigal land, Sydney 2022 | seedling grass (fescue, native, rye), clay, hessian; image imprinted through process of photographic phoosynthesis | Courtesy the artists Commissioned by the Biennale of Sydney

Artworks that often evolve through research in response to people and place. Anthropogenic climate change, biosphere degradation and perceptions of nature are key subjects in our practice interfacing our profound interest in local ecologies with global environmental concerns.


Our work aims to activate a greater public discourse on the ethics of aesthetics, activism within art-making and cultural adaptation to the climate and ecological emergency.

We develop collaborations between creatives and environmentalists to understand how to start to place cultural ecology and nature protection at the centre for all our artistic and creative communities. Building alliances is key to our practice, especially building coalitions where our approach focuses on cultivating visibility and honouring Indigenous landholding and knowledge.

Keeping contact with students, educationalists and places of learning to share and shape our collective way through this entangled crisis is key for us.

Our studio energy provider is 100% renewable power and we have 2.5kw photovoltaic panels that provide electricity.

Would like to set up an informal international art bnb!

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