Declarers’ Breakfasts

A regular series of delicious and nutritious online events. Each breakfast has a different focus, and everyone is warmly welcomed.

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Our friendly Breakfast gatherings run from 9-10.30am, on the last Wednesday of every other month, via zoom. The last half hour is left free for unplanned discussion and connection, with a breakout space provided to introduce new Declarers to our network. They are an informal space for individual Declarers and representatives of Declarer Organisations to meet, network, learn and inspire – come along and help make our collective, creative voice even louder!

Please get in touch with our Declarer Support team with any ideas for fantastic projects that we might focus on, during 2023’s Breakfasts – or if you would like to share some of your practice at any of the sessions. You can email Laura at:

This year Breakfasts will focus on one of the CDE pathways to action, beginning on the 25th of January. Sign-up below for 2023 breakfasts.

How to take part

All breakfasts are held online via Zoom (see our simple user guide) at 9am (UK time) on the last Wednesday of alternate months: November, January, March and so on. A registration link is provided ahead of the event on this page. News about upcoming events can be found in our regular newsletters.

Declarers’ Breakfast Series:
Pathways To Action 
Last Wednesday of every other month, 9-10:30am (BST)

After finishing up the last of 2022’s deliciously engaging Breakfasts – our volunteer Declarer Support team invite you to share in the tasty feasts, they have cooked up for next year! 

Throughout 2023, our Breakfast gatherings will focus on CDE’s Pathways to Action. We will explore practical ways to respond to the Earth Crisis, as cultural organisations and practitioners, harnessing our creativity and strengthening our networks. Please register below, to join other Declarers in all the inspiring and supportive Breakfast conversations to come…

Upcoming dates for the diary:

31 May – Decarbonize Cultural Practices 

26 July – Support Transition in Communities

27 September – Tell Truths Through Art and Education

29 November – Adapt to Impacts and Protect Heritage

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