Cultural Assemblies: Learning Together

Register your interest in being a part of CDE Cultural Assemblies here

The CDE network lives and grows through community building and local action. This year we are focussing energy on growing our local networks.

Our mobilisations in 2023/24 will focus on Cultural Assemblies. We are inviting declarers to join us on a journey to work and explore the why, what and how of Cultural Assemblies; to receive support and exchange knowledge on how to produce a successful event in your community, whatever the scale of your ambitions and then how to build on your assembly’s legacy. The journey and process will be as valuable as the outcomes.

What is CDE Offering?

  • a programme of peer-to-peer learning and mentoring sessions for those interested in developing Assemblies in their places – starting in April. More info and register here.
  • connection with others in your place – we will connect those interested in participating in Assemblies with local organisers.
  • Cultural Assembly Development funds from £100 to £1000 – depending on your ambitions – contact the national coordinator to learn more
  • support promoting your event.
  • knowledge exchange and sharing stories across the global community
  • shared resource

Want to learn more and join this journey with us? Here are some steps you can take:

More About Cultural Assemblies

Cultural Assemblies draw inspiration from People’s Assemblies. Democratic decision-making through community assemblies has a long human history. More recently, there has been a revival of interest in direct democracy as the deficiencies of electoral democracies become more apparent. Cultural Assemblies build on contemporary models of Citizen Assemblies using creativity to encourage inclusivity and imaginative approaches to problem-solving. 

Why have a Cultural Assembly?

A Cultural Assembly is an opportunity to gather and connect with allies in your area or your sector to start conversations about the climate and ecological emergency and how it impacts your community. It is an opportunity to connect individuals, arts and cultural hubs, local authorities, and environmental and social justice groups, exchange experiences and explore pathways for action with new collaborators in your area or creative community. It is a way to promote grassroots democracy using various creative methods, empowering people to come together and act in various ways. 

What is a Cultural Assembly?

Cultural Assemblies can occur indoors or outside, and we invite creative approaches to how they are realised. They can involve hundreds of people or just a small gathering. They can be the start of something or a regular event. 

Cultural Assemblies are facilitated in creative participatory ways to deliberate on a provocation or make specific decisions, allowing all voices to be heard equally.

The provocation can be decided collectively during the event planning, and CDE will offer support in this process.

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