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Climate Museum UK curates and generates creative responses to the Earth crisis.

collective of creatives across the UK, we organise activations tohelp people from all walks of life play, create, and talk about the climate and biodiversity crises. We do this by opening imaginations to possible futures, and building skills to bring them forth.

Activation for public and learning audiences: As team members, we have collections of artworks, games, curious objects, books and activities. Most collections are in London but the team is growing all the time, extending reach across England. We use these collections to run activities in all kinds of venues. During the pandemic, we’ve been focusing on digital projects.

Activation for professionals and teams: We run workshops for teams in cultural, educational, business or campaign organisations, including as part of conferences. These help teams explore the emergency and plan action with your communities. We can also offer longer, bespoke projects to help you develop public engagement or learning resources on climate and ecology.

Digital museum: We’re developing a digital presence, of collections of climate art and information, including lots of resources on Pinterest. We run social campaigns and participatory collecting projects such as Everyday Ecocide and Extreme Weather Stories.

Advocacy: Our team members are activists and advocates, supporting UK-wide and international initiatives such as Museums for Future, Remembrance Day for Lost Species and Culture Declares Emergency.

Would you like to get involved?

Feel free to connect if you’d like to discuss any of the above on

Climate Museum Workshop
Eco Art Action Lab, October 2021. Photo by Bartek Wisnieski.

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